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Америка Латина логотипAmerica Latina – Latin America - a social project that allows anyone to post their own story of his travels around Latin America. Why Latin America? This is because it is the least studied tourist destination. The Internet is very little information about the region, we don't need stereotypy, we need real information, the information "first hand"!
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Colombia. This South American country, which is located in the north-west of the continent. Colombia covers both the northern and southern hemisphere.
The country's capital is Bogota, which is located at an altitude of 2610 meters above sea level. Inhabit capital more
7.5 million people! Due to the fact that the city is almost on the equator, but in the mountains, the weather there is a smooth and hot. The average annual air temperature is 14 degrees in Bogota.
Колумбийские девочки

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Chilean cuisine

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Chilean cuisine is distinguished by its unique traditions, this is due to the peculiarities of the country's geographical location. Chile's territory stretched from north to south almost 4 000 km. The bulk of the population lives in the metropolitan area and in the relatively small area of fertile land around the capital and in the southern region of it to the city of Valdivia.


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Colombian cuisine

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Colombian cuisine - absorbed the tradition of Latin American Indians, the first immigrants from Europe and immigrants from Southeast Asia. Here, as in many other countries of the continent, dominated by legumes, corn (maize), rice, and potatoes, as well as vegetables and spices that are often used in the most mind-blowing combination of meat and seafood.
To experience the charm of "Gastronomia de Colombia" You, of course, it is best to visit this beautiful country and to experience themselves "in the strength of" his taste buds and olfactory organs. We just try to give a little help on the most important foods and beverages. But as you know, the taste and color of comrades there! Therefore, each reader can be written as a good culinary almanac, and completely useless, because of the complete mismatch of reader tastes and the author wrote.
Each line of this site is written with the expectation that the culinary preferences of people will be expressed in the comments and new user’s posts. Each article will reflect the private, not like anyone in the opinion of the author.
The more discussion, the interesting site! Let's hit the road!

Колумбийская кухня

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